Are UK women really dirty?

Sometimes people get a certain reputation which precedes them. For example Latinos are known to be hot blooded whilst the French are all supposed to be food gourmets. These are just clichés of course; but those images seem to stick with us through thick and thin. Whilst we are on the subject of clichés; let’s talk about this one: are ladies from the United Kingdom really that dirty in the bedroom department? Because we’ve heard a lot saying it is the case; but is the legend even true?

A good drinking culture

The first thing to know is that up to now the British have always been known to enjoy a beer or 10. Heck they serve beer by the pint there whilst most countries only serve glasses half the size; so there’s a first tell-tell sign right here. So what’s wrong with beer drinking you might think. Well absolutely nothing; it makes people enjoy themselves and drunken people enjoy having a good time. When men are a bit drunk they get a little horny; and this translates to women too! But the drinking isn’t the only thing that makes women a bit… naughty

Traditional upbringing

In the past the UK was full of single-sex schools; most of those oriented towards a religion; meaning people’s sexuality was often repressed. Sounds like a good way to keep people’s spirits pure; but in realityit only makes women and men more promiscuous. Whilst people who are in mixed-sex schools get used to hanging around with members of the opposite sex; other people from single-sex schools develop a naughtier curiosity towards each other. So in this scenario we can see traditional upbringing leading to the totally opposite of what was intended.

Modern days

But what about today? It all sounds like it only takes a few beers to find your ideal Sheila for a naughty date; and the reality isn’t that different. But whilst England has been drinking for decades; other countries have since caught on to it. The modern world is getting more liberal; and you can see countries like the U.S.A having a revival of the UK’s raving scene (also known as EDM); and we can now see American ladies acting just a naughty as the British ladies where in the 80’s and 90’s.

Just a cliché?

So are British women really that promiscuous? People who have travelled to the UK and had a few shags will probably tell you that it is the case; but honestly it feels like these days women in modern societies behave just as bad as men do; and that’s a good thing by the way. The more equal men and women are the better; it is only fair that we should all decide what to do with our own bodies; and there is no reason why women shouldn’t enjoy themselves as much as men do. No need for name calling or shaming; in our book the naughtier people are the better. It’s time to embrace people’s newly found appetite for all things sexual and make the most of it; before society falls back into those dark traditional days where fun was only allowed for the one gender to enjoy.