Do chat-up lines still work?

There used to be a time when smooth talkers would get all the ladies just by using those killer one-liners. It is something we saw in movies, especially during the 1980’s and it lead to a lot of people practicing their language just so that they could get more success when trying to date someone. Now that was a couple of decades ago, fast forward now and things are a little different. People don’t chat with each other as often; at least not face-to-face. Instead they prefer using internet dating sites which are easy to use, but does this mean the end of the chat-up line?

Online chat

When it comes to talking to potential partners we no longer need to be in the same room. And a lot of people enjoy talking to each other online. Whether you just use your keyboard or the use a webcam and a microphone; it is easier to speak to strangers from behind your computer than it is going out and meeting that person. This applies for all different types of dating; you can have naughty conversations by joining a dirty chat site or you can be as romantic as you want and join a traditional dating site. The choice is yours, and it shows that talking is still very relevant when looking for a partner.

What about one-liners?

Once you are online there is only so many one-liners you can come up with. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you have access to Google so you can always check online for the right thing to say. In the past you had to use your imagination and this is how you would really stand out. Chat lines that everyone use will make you come across as no very original and people might think you are fake. This doesn’t mean one-liners are dead but if you do still wish to use them then you better come up with your own. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t impress the ladies with a witty chat line or two; but those still work best when you are in a social setting. So it is best to keep one liners when going out in bars and clubs where people have a few drinks and are easier to impress.

Being honest works best?

Ultimately people don’t really fall for the most obvious tricks; at least not as much as they used to. Now that people have access to the internet they tend to be wiser and they can find out fast enough whether your chat is your own or whether you stole it from a TV show. You best bet if you cannot come up with your own lines is just to be honest and fun; that seems to work way more than the old methods did. The bottom line is that one liners work best when you are actually face-to-face; they sound more natural that way. So keep your chat lines to when you actually meet the person; it will show that you are confident and imaginative; which should provide your potential partners with a fun date.