The London escort should better know her rights

A man has a right to dream about his encounters with some of the sexiest women on the Earth. He can take heart in the fact that his dreams could turn into reality with the London escort service. This service provides him with the opportunity to contact some of the most attractive women in the world. It could be a traditional Asian beauty or a bubbly Brazilian woman. He can also seek the services of the naughty American as well as the extremely quiet but beautiful Russian woman.

These escort services allow him to avail the services of some of the truly stunning women in the world. He would find finding these women too an easy task. It would just require a click of the mouse. The representative from the escort agency would be available immediately online to judge his preferences. A good fifteen minutes later, the representative would be able to make a perfect choice for him ready at his door. In case the client wishes to have the incall service, he is free to do so. The escort in London service allows for both incall as well as outcall services.

The client has the liberty to make his choice from the hundreds of photographs available on the internet. On making the choice, it becomes the responsibility of the escort agency to ensure the safety of the escort until the assignment is over. The escort has the responsibility of entertaining the client in the way he likes it. It could be a dancing assignment or a simple assignment of a patient hearing. It could also lead to a massaging job followed by a sexual exercise. The escort has to be ready to offer her services in the best possible manner.

In a way, you can expect these London escorts to be professionals. They know their job and more importantly know how to do it. They are contracted professionals who earn on a commission basis. The commission-sharing ratio is usually 50:40:10 with the escorts gaining half the share followed by the agency and finally by the broker. Thus, you can see a major chunk of the share goes to the escort agency. This makes the escort agency responsible for many things. The first responsibility of the escort agency is to protect the escort for the cruel arms of the law. The second aspect is the threat of physical violence from the client. The third is very important. It concerns the contracting of any communicable disease from the clients.

Every escort London should be aware of these rights. In fact, it is the duty of the escort agency to make the escort aware of her rights and responsibilities. This medical right is a very important one as it can affect her health and thus have a direct effect on her future earning capacity. She also has the right to sue the client in a court of Law in case she is able to prove that she had contracted the disease from the client.